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Meditation Music | Sound Healing Music | Music for Healers & Therapists: Listen to Music

(All Music © Javier Ramon Brito Moncada)

Healing Music to relax your back (Bladder meridian)

Motivational healing music (Small Intestine Meridian)

Inspirational Healing Music (Liver Meridian)

Healing Music to awaken compassion (Heart Meridian)
Compassion is the Buddhist antidote to anger. Read more

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Live a Happier
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Healing Music for stress relief (Circulation Meridian)
Stress is related to the Circulation-Sex meridian. Read more

Healing Music for Motivation (Thyroid Meridian)
How to heal a Thyroid meridian imbalance.Read more

(7 tracks of Healing Music for the Seven Chakras)
********** HEALING EFFECTS **********

7th Chakra: spiritual connection

6th Chakra: intuition, "3rd eye", imagination

5th Chakra: clear expression and communication

4th Chakra: love and be loved

3rd Chakra: self-esteem, confidence, autonomy

2nd Chakra: joy and pleasure

1st Chakra: grounding, vitality

Use my Music on your Project
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Download Audio for Prosperity
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(10 tracks of Healing Music for Inner Peace & Meditation)
********** HEALING EFFECTS **********

Peace: inner peace & hope

Spontaneity: allows decisions

Faith: gives hope & faith

Delight: nurtures 2nd chakra

Flowering: gives tolerance

Abundance: self-confidence

Integrity: centers, gives focus

Honesty: self-esteem

Communication: expression

The Gate: door to higher self

Tune up your Chakras with Solfeggio Frequencies
solfeggio frequencies, chakras, sound healing, healing frequencies, healing sounds

Tune up your Meridians with Sound Healing Frequencies
sound healing, meridians, body organs, healing frequencies, healing sounds

(10 tracks of Healing Music for Spiritual Joy & Meditation)
********** HEALING EFFECTS **********

Gratitude: gives spiritual joy

The King’s Joy: self-esteem

Venus: opens the new

Curiosity: allows choices

Morning Light: new joys

Facing Challenges: focus

Carrousel: relaxes you

Dance of Love: move forward

Orange Star: paves the way

Joy of a New Day: joyful path

(10 tracks of Healing Music for Inner Child Joy & Meditation)
********** HEALING EFFECTS**********

Expression: heals grief

Happy Path: awakens confidence

Forgive yourself: heals guilt

Hope: nurtures hope

Playful Bear: spontaneity

My Love Increases: optimism

Dancing Elephant: playfulness

Sweet Love: comforting

Little Pampering: blessings

Walking on the Park: serenity

Download Audio Program to Love Yourself

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(10 tracks of Healing Music for Self-Esteem and Cheerfulness)
********** HEALING EFFECTS **********

Trust: self-confidence

Rising Sun: the new

Trovadour: stress-relief

Parental Love: loving parents

Traveling by Road: adventure

Visualization: let go of the past

Bagpipes in the universe: find your talents

The Space Clock: progress

Fortune: luck

Cheerfulness: happiness

Use Sound Color Therapy
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Download the Earth’s Tone
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(Healing Music for Christmas & Holidays)
********** HEALING EFFECTS**********

Feel Christmas Love

Original music for Christmas

Awakens cheerful feelings of love, tenderness, togetherness, fondness, warmth, and happy celebration

It is also healing for the fourth Chakra


Balance Chakras
and Doshas
with Music

music, healing music, chakras, sound healing,doshas


Healing meditation music, sound healing and the different tones and tunes that resonate with different chakras have been studied and researched for quite some time. Whether you are stressed or just had a busy day, healing meditation music can help you to find balance and relaxation. Feel free to take some time to experience the music and sounds for yourself.

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